GlassFrog strives to give a voice to everyone unwilling to accept the status quo of international aid and to create impactful solutions to global issues. Visit our new website for up to date information on our work.


Our mission is to create a collaborative environment where transparent actions and accountability for results allows people to engage in meaningful and candid dialogue about international aid and development.  We are committed to rising above good intentions and rhetoric to provide a transparent and collaborative network of socially minded people ready to be accountable for results.

Phase one of GlassFrog is information sharing and discussion. Our social forum will be used to discuss the effectiveness of international relief efforts and will call attention to the detrimental effects of bureaucracy in aid.  Phase one of the website’s development focuses on providing you with accurate, relevant and modern information regarding the allocation of donated dollars, and what direct and indirect impact this has had on the region or individuals Non-Profits intend to help.  

We strongly believe that untapped social equity can propel business and that social media is the world’s greatest storytelling platform.  GlassFrog takes a business approach to the disaster relief market, acting as an open forum empowering co-creation; the development of ideas and content by members of the communities. It will enable connectivity, facilitate conversations and foster communities – congregate individuals based on like minds, interests, passions, and causes. This is how social media for cause works -using social media to create followers that help you tell your story.

Phase two of GlassFrog is collaboration and transparency.  We will use our online forum to create wikisolutions to global issues, and then we will implement the plans developed by our users.  This is our version of transparency- you are part of the process in deciding how your dollars are allocated.  You are able to invent, critique, commend, or edit the proposed relief and redevelopment plan.  We promise your dollars will never go into a black hole.  You are part of the process, beginning to end.

Phase three is to provide accountability for results.  After implementing the programs derived from the collaboration of our users, we will provide a full report on what the outcome of our efforts were.  This report will be candid, and will be used for all collaborators to gain perspective and to learn.  Our second project will be more valuable to those in need as a result of the perspectives gained on the first project.  We will also be sure to take lots of pictures of exactly where your dollars have gone so you can see the tangible results of your hard work. 

You are the GlassFroggers and this is your forum.  What do you want out of it?  Let’s start the conversation.