GlassFrog strives to give a voice to everyone unwilling to accept the status quo of international aid and to create impactful solutions to global issues. Visit our new website for up to date information on our work.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated
GlassFrog Team:

Nicole- Founder and Director
Launching GlassFrog is something I am extremely proud of.  I am confident that this organization is going to change the way that we think about international aid.  I have so much to share with you and I am so excited to hear your thoughts on what is going on in the world and what we can do about it.  Technology and passion are powerful tools.  Let's challenge the status quo and do something that truly has an impact.  

Jackel- Social Media Intern
Erokamano GlassFroggers! My name is Jackel Yip an intern with GlassFrog, I decided to become an intern because it combines two of my greatest interests, international development and social media. In the past, I have had the opportunity to travel to Tacloban City, Philippines and Oyugis, Kenya, working with two great social enterprises. I hope to share my experiences with you through my posts and of course, please don't hesitate shoot me a comment or reply to my posts. Have fun!
Jessica- Social Media Intern
 I am proud to be a part of an organization that I feel has the potential to truly make a difference.

My name is Jessica. I am a recent graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University. I studied Communications and Business Administration and now find myself eager to make a mark in the corporate world. I came across Glassfrog and was immediately intrigued and impressed by their mission. I was unaware of the shortcomings of current international aid and disaster relief efforts and as I did more research and became more involved with Glassfrog I became frustrated. My frustration stems from the fact that billions of dollars have been so generously donated, yet most donors are unaware that the majority of their donated dollars are being spent in North America on contracts with already profitable firms. Glassfrog does things differently. The goal is to build production facilities in devastated areas so as to ensure that communities are actively involved in rebuilding not only the community but the local economy as well. As well, the organization will provide relief with products that are readily available and purchased at cost. Glassfrog's donors will have an active role in deciding where and how their money is being used making for a very transparent and involved relationship. An appropriate phrase that Glassfrog is modeled after is "Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish he'll eat for a lifetime". I am proud to be a part of an organization that I feel has the potential to truly make a difference.

Vanessa- GlassFrog Director
Hi!  I'm Vanessa.  I'm a business school grad with a day job in Marketing and a lifetime passion for International Development.  I believe in the positive power of business.  I think that entrepreneurship is underrated as a solution to rebuilding communities and that local solutions should be the top priority of any redevelopment program.  On a personal level, I think my greatest strength is my critical thinking ability.  I'm an information junkie that can't stop asking "Why?"  That's probably what bothers me most about what is going on in today's international aid scene- the facts just don't add up.  Information is missing.  And results are too.  

When we were brainstorming the concept of "GlassFrog", we kept coming back to the simple point of:  Things aren't working.  Everyone knows things aren't working.  People have lost faith in the 'system' (for good reason!), and they've either given up or are feeling incredibly frustrated.   For me, the international aid equation is missing two critical elements:  transparency and accountability.  Yes, there are other things wrong, but if we could address these two elements I think we would see a domino effect.  My promise is that my work through GlassFrog will embody this mantra and that I will do my part to promote these elements in other organizations as well.  

I also realize that my thoughts, ideas and opinions are not enough.   But, if you and I, and your friends and my friends were to sit down and ruminate the issues that are preventing aid from being effective, I think that we would have a viable chance at doing something different that has a real impact.  I hope this forum will act as a springboard for some real conversations that can point us in the right direction.  If there is one thing the last decade has taught us: through Wikipedia, CrisisCommons, WikiLeaks, Firefox, etc. its that the combination of community, collaboration and technology is very powerful.  
Sherrise- Social Media Intern
I am aware of and frustrated by the many inefficiencies and delays in response time...
My name is Sherisse. I will be graduating from the Richard Ivey School of Business with an International Business degree in May 2011. I'm most interested in applying my knowledge from this degree to the field of International Development. I am aware of and frustrated by the many inefficiencies and delays in response time that exist when aid organizations and donation groups are tasked with reconstruction. I would like to use my business skills to help come up with ways to improve on these processes so that we can respond more rapidly and effectively after a disaster hits. I am hoping that this internship will help me gain a greater knowledge of the problems that exist and give me the chance to meet others who are interested in achieving the same goals as I am!

Vanessa M- GlassFrog Director
Hi! My name is Vanessa M. While studying at the University of Western Ontario, I majored in Kinesiology. After recognizing that my chosen area of study would best be served as a lifelong passion, I made the decision to translate another passion into my vocation: working in the fashion industry at the Canadian sales office for a highly reputable men’s Italian clothing Line. 

Like many, my immediate response to disaster stricken areas is “how can I help?” I make the decision to entrust a donation to an aid organization, on the rationale that they must possess the adequate skill base, passion, and knowledge to convert those donations into effective aid. But where’s the tangible progress? How is our relief money being distributed to offer meaningful and sustainable assistance?  The lack of transparency and accountability among these organizations has left me in a state of frustration. My frustration and desire to contribute in a positive way lead me to Glass Frog: a non-profit organization that functions on the basis of providing tangible disaster relief all while upholding a position of accountability and transparency to its supporters. I am truly excited to be apart of an organization that offers hope to those wishing to make a positive impact in the world. 

Nadine- Event Planning Intern
My name is Nadine. I will be graduating in April from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in marketing and a Sociology minor. I am very excited to be a part of the GlassFrog team as it will be an opportunity to work for something very important to me. As GlassFrog grows, I hope that it will allow people to see the importance of international aid and the necessity behind it. I truly believe that GlassFrog’s initiatives will be successful and I am glad to be part of it. 
Andrea- Event Productions

I have a huge passion for creating memorable experiences.  Working in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Systems Consulting by day, I add a unique combination of professional skills.  Having formally studied Hospitality Management and working in the event & entertainment industry for over 6 years, I ventured off and founded an event and fundraising consulting firm in 2007 enhancing my passion.  There is nothing more memorable than collaborating with great minds to spread awareness and bring hope, health, happiness and life to those in desperate need of attention and assistance.  My technology background allows me to add fresh and unique ideas to our fundraising initiatives and how we collaborate openly with our investors. I can't wait to launch this remarkable venture and meet those for which we change lives!