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Monday, February 7, 2011

What is a "Glass Frog"?

Many of our followers have been asking us:  Why did you choose the name "GlassFrog?"  The truth is, picking a name wasn't easy, but when we finally stumbled upon GlassFrog we knew it was perfect.  
A glass frog is a real animal found in South America.  It's defining characteristic is it's translucent skin, which allows observers to view the inner workings of it's digestive tract and major organs.  Since we wanted our organization to embody everything "transparent", this attribute was a major source of inspiration.  Additionally, the glass frog, as well as many other frog species, are extremely sensitive to changes in their environment.  Often referred to as an "indicator species", frogs are among the first to be impacted by small environmental changes that would typically go unnoticed by humans; an early warning sign.  The changes in their small bodies keep us accountable for the hardships we impose on them and the world:  deforestation, global warming, pollution.  This is the second characteristic we felt was applicable to our organization:  accountability. 

A glass frog

Transparency and accountability are the driving forces of our organization.  The glass frog embodied that perfectly...and so GlassFrog was chosen as our name.  Other choices included Glass Fish, FrustrAID and Kakatos.  

-GlassFrog Blogger Vanessa 

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