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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oxfam Report Highlights Government Inaction

Relief and recovery in Haiti are at a standstill, according to an Oxfam report released Wednesday, which says the core of the problem is two-fold: inaction from the government of the devastated country and indecision on the part of wealthier donor countries. Keep in mind, the earthquake, which left an already destitute Haiti in shambles, occurred a year ago.

ONE FULL YEAR has passed. Some might argue that the situation is not at a "stand still" but in a downward spiral.

-GlassFrog Blogger Vanessa


  1. I believe there is a huge struggle between efficiency and size of enterprise resources. A large organization gets you access to large amount of resources and large geographical reach. But when your organization have multiple divisions and checkpoints, every dollar spend and every plan executed would need to go through multiple processes.

  2. Good point, anonymous. Maybe it would be helpful for smaller companies with fewer levels/checkpoints to focus on any short-term issues that may require fewer resources, while the larger companies work on the large issues. Maybe splitting it up this will is a start to making the process more efficient. What do you think?